Dirty Dachshund

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The Dirty Dachshund: From a history of hunting badgers to a patent pending, next generation, game changing 30 caliber suppressor that will serve any need you ask of it. Whether you are at the range for giggles and grins or taking aim at your next trophy animal, you can count on the Dirty Dachshund to keep back pressure down, your eyes dry, and save weight at the end of your muzzle to make your shooting experience that much more pleasant. The saying "ounces equals pounds" is an overlooked statement to say the least, but whether you choose the Dirty Dachshund in stainless steel or titanium you are receiving a leader in weight reduction to meet all of your shooting needs while still offering all of the desired amenities you are looking for. All Dirty Dachshund suppressors are threaded 1-3/4" x 24 to be compatable with standard HUB mounts, such as the included 5/8" x 24 direct thread mount, Q Plan B/Cherry Bomb, Dead Air Keymo, Rearden Atlas, and Rearden Atlas XL mounts. The removable endcap can be removed with a 3/4" socket or wrench and can be interchanged with our other endcaps. 

The Dirty Dachshund: Find your place in history.


The Dirty Details

Dimensions: 8.25" long, 1.6" in diameter

Weight: Stainless - 17 ounces without a mount

            Titanium - 10.2 ounces without a mount

Once purchased, please email your FFL/SOT information to info@fpmgunworks.com 


Lifetime warranty but we do not warranty stupidity.