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The FPM Nein is a 7 inch fully welded suppressor that is perfect for your 9mm carbine or pistol. A direct thread 1/2-28 adapter is provided to directly thread the suppressor to your favorite host firearm. The FPM Nein is threaded to accept a 1 3/8-24 quick attach mount, it will work with booster devices threaded for that thread pitch. The FPM Nein is offered in both 17-4 stainless steel and titanium. The 17-4 FPM Nein comes in at 10.5 oz and the titanium FPM Nein comes in at 8.5 oz.


Caliber ratings and barrel legths

9mm-no barrel legth, full auto rated

5.56-10.5" min barrel length, full auto rated

300 blk 7" barrel, full auto rated

.308-16" min barrel length, semi auto only



1.6" Outside Diameter

7" Long

10.5 oz Stainless Steel

8.5 oz Titanium 



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Lifetime warranty but we do not warranty stupidity.