Spleen Splitter

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Coming from the back of the firework stand, the Spleen Splitter is a 2-port brake designed to accept Q Plan B style, Rearden Atlas, and Rearden Atlas XL mounts. Machined from 17-4 stainless steel, weighing 1.8 oz, and at a length of 2.170 inches, the Spleen Splitter will bring your 14.5" barrel to over 16" once pined and welded but also aid in keeping the end of your firearm light in the hand. 

If you are purchasing a Spleen Splitter for a pin and weld, add a Scooter Stick to your purchase for a pre-drilled hole and provided pin to complete your pin and weld. 

If a flash hider is more your style, check out the Sparkler.